Attention NJB Families: Letter on the Testing Results

Hello NJB Families,


Sacramento City Unified School District today announced the status of its response to 24 cases at New Joseph Bonnheim Charter School since its reopening on August 9. In response, our staff performed rapid antigen testing for all staff and students last week, and this week again provided the New Joseph Bonnheim staff and students with PCR testing, as required by Sacramento County Public Health. This required PCR testing will occur again each week for the next two weeks. 


Out of the 192 PCR tests provided to students and staff on campus this week, the district confirmed two positive cases, with the positivity rate of 1.04%. This is much lower than the positivity rate in Sacramento County, which was 6.8% last week. These results provide strong evidence in support of the district’s site-based testing strategy and the effectiveness of the district’s health and safety protocols. Therefore, based on these results and the ongoing response from the district, the school will remain open. 


This order came as a result of SCPH’s confidence in the district’s robust testing program and health and safety plan. Because this testing program was already in place, the district was able to quickly deploy these resources the next school day. Sacramento City Unified is proud that it has this capability to quickly offer hundreds of tests for staff and students to support such an extensive testing program. Without such support, New Joseph Bonnheim might have been ordered to be closed while students and staff sought out tests on their own, or stayed home to wait out the quarantine period. 


As the New Joseph Bonnheim community is located in an area with high community spread, the district has also worked with community partners including SCPH, Curative, La Familia, the City of Sacramento, and Councilmember Eric Guerra to host a vaccination clinic at the site on September 10. Please look out for additional events in the coming days.  


As part of its health and safety plan, Sac City Unified is putting testing front and center with an aggressive plan to provide testing at all 75 school sites and the Serna Center each weekday. By providing this resource, the district hopes to identify cases and proven transmission of COVID-19 on district campuses. While the district opened most of its 75 sites for the first day of school on September 2, New Joseph Bonnheim has been in session and on campus since August 9, 2021.