Our Proud History of NJB

Our proud moment! Ribbon cutting ceremony of the re-opening of NJB.

NJB is proud to state that “we are the only dependent charter in SCUSD to be built with love, commitment, dedication, and passion for an academic school of excellence that supports our children, families and their community.”

Our founders, listed below, worked tenaciously to petition, build and open the very school they envisioned:

Arthur Aleman. Retired carpenter, U.S. Navy veteran, school district advisory committee/PTA President/Member of Steering Committee, guardian of 11-year old granddaughter in the school district.

 Ellie Boyce. Retired SCUSD special education teacher. Created the district’s first full inclusion program for orthopedically disabled students. Founding teacher Bowling Green Charter School.

Susan Kovalik. Creator of the Highly Effective Teaching (HET) Model. Internationally renowned lecturer. Semiretired and living in the district.

 Michael Madden. Parent of two children in the school district. Student of law. Advocate for building healthier, stronger communities for and through our children. Member of Steering Committee

Dr. Dennis Mah. Community member. Parent of two Kennedy High graduates. Founding principal Bowling Green Charter School and founding director Yav Pem Suab Academy Charter. 

Lisa Romero. Parent of two children in the school district. Medical practitioner. Advocate for parents and children. Member of school site council, Steering Committee and PTA. Leadership Academy graduate.