Our Standards

1. Commitment— We will uphold a commitment to high academic and social expectations for all scholars.

We will encourage a positive school climate and a strong sense of community.

We will create an environment of trust and respect.

2. Duty—We will work diligently with school personnel, parents and scholars to reinforce our vision.

We will report improper conduct with procedural fairness and due process.

3. Equity—We will strive for fairness and equity.

We will consider the rights and needs of all parties affected.

4. Integrity—We will remind those facing an ethical decision about the impact of its outcome, while at the same time provide them with the courage and support to make difficult decisions.

We will uphold confidentiality.

5. Ethical Responsibility—We will model appropriate ethical behavior(s) that will have an impact in the lives of others.

We will abide by policies, procedures and school rules.

6. Respect—We will recognize and acknowledge the worth of our school community members and remember to value them through what we say and do.

We will maintain appropriate relationship with staff, scholars and parents/guardians.