NJB: Attendance and Uniform Policy and Agreement

Regular attendance is critical in supporting your child’s academic and social-emotional growth! That means being at NJB everyday and on time!

NJB strives to provide the best quality educational program for our scholars. We depend on good attendance to support the following needs:

—funding for our school in curriculum and enrichment for your child. school budgets are based on the average daily attendance at a school. If many scholars enrolled at a school fail to consistently attend, NJB has less money to pay for essential classroom needs.

—scholars, teachers, staff, and parents are able to build deeper relationships to support the whole child.

Uniforms are proven to positively support school culture and climate. We want to show pride at NJB! Please read carefully of our uniform policy, sign, and return to your child’s teacher. 

Need some help with uniforms? NJB is here to assist. We have many resources to help in assistance with the uniform. Please contact us at the front office.