Message from our Principal
Greetings scholars, families, staff and community members,

I am Dianne Wiley and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the next principal of New Joseph Bonnheim. I accepted this position with the understanding that I will work closely with all stakeholders and with the expectation that “every student will read, write, think critically, and master the grade level standards.” I take the responsibility of a school leader very seriously and plan to make the vision you created within the charter a reality for every child you place in my trust.

So that you will know a bit more about me, I want to share that I have been married to my husband, George, for almost 25 years and we have three children–Grace, George, and Joseph–who are all in college. I taught in multiple school settings before taking an assistant principal position at Will C. Wood Middle School in 2021. In my role as AP, I attended to issues on attendance, curriculum, interventions, and provided direct support for Special Education. In addition, I helped create a more collaborative Leadership Team which redefined the school’s mission and vision while also developing grade level teams focused on improving academic outcomes for students. Everything I have done has prepared me for my new role at NJB. I am beyond excited!


My short-term goals will be to look, listen, and learn. I believe in open, honest, and respectful dialogue; therefore, your ideas and feedback are crucial as we work in partnership to build upon past success and create change where is it needed. Unless there is a safety concern, physical or emotional, do not expect immediate action. Rather, any decision I make will be well-thought out, grounded in facts, and done in the best interests of students. I will be a visible presence on campus, including the classrooms where I can observe the unique talents of teachers and the learning styles of their students. In a very short time, I want to familiarize myself with everyone and everything that makes NJB a special learning community.


Communication will be an integral part of building our learning partnership. On Friday, I stopped by the school to introduce myself to the NJB staff, visit classrooms, and briefly meet students. Interim Principal, Mr. Landon, provided me some insight into school operations and on Monday, December 18, I will work with Interim Principal, Mrs. Gibson, to gain an understanding of the budget. Over the remainder of the week, IAS, Aprille Shafto will help guide me through the transition process so I am ready on January 8. For part of Wednesday and Thursday, I will work with different staff members to clean the Library and organize work spaces in preparation for events after the new year. As I learn and define my role, I will provide regular updates to you and create opportunities for us to share space to ensure we are all moving forward, together with purpose.


My long-term goal is to watch the growth of TK through sixth grade students for years to come. This will give me the chance to become deeply rooted in the community and work with all of you to build a culture of excellence. NJB will be a school where high-quality instruction from teachers combined with high expectations for students will lead to scholars equipped with the skills and knowledge to successfully navigate the next steps of their educational journey. I am fully committed to doing my best for our students, my staff, and this amazing community!


I look forward to meeting all of you. 


Dianne Wiley