Enrichment Programs We Offer At NJB
We are also offering several enrichment programs to our scholars through Centers for Fathers and Families to encourage their curiosity and creativity in learning. Below are the programs we will be offering.

4-H Club: 4-H Club engages scholars in hand’s on science, agriculture and being caretakers of our community. Our hands-on programs empower youth and provide them with opportunities to grow, learn, and become confident kids. 

STEM Club: Partnering with CSUS and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Our scholars will develop their skills and knowledge in these areas and create projects that are engaging and relevant for the 21st Century.

Engineering and Robotics Club:  NJB will have our first Engineering and Robotics club that will focus around our units of study and projects around agriculture, technology, and science.

Arts and Crafts Club: Create art using recycled materials that focuses on making our world a beautiful place. Students will learn about recycling and environment through art projects.

Civics Leadership Club: Scholars will learn about what it means to be a local and global citizen and caretakers of the world through civic-minded projects.

NJB Sports Club: Scholars will participate in an active club that focuses on various team sports, such as basketball, track, and soccer. They will learn about teamwork through collaboration and cooperation.

Dance For Our Culture Club: Scholars will move, create, and learn about various cultural dances that are traditional and contemporary. A performance will be at our NJB Showcase Night!

Scholars Academic Tutoring: Scholars will receive extra academic support in ELA and MATH from our mentors and tutoring providers.

Photography Club: Scholars are exposed to photography skills and the components of the camera.