NJB Proudly Uses the “Body/Brain and Multiple Intellegences” Approach to Deepen Learning!

What Can Be Expected at NJB Under the Highly Effective Teaching Model.

NJB will create and demonstrate classrooms that show:

✓    Absence of threat in a safe and predictable environment. Creating a safe and predictable environment with consistency and continuity sets the tone for students and adults that school is where meaningful, purposeful and relevant learning takes place. NJB teachers and staff use the training technique of “Target Talk” whereby scholars are made aware of the specific LIFESKILLS they are displaying.  Examples would be:  “You were showing the life skill of cooperation when you worked on that project.” or “What skill do you think you were using right now?” or “Did you forget about the LIFESKILL of caring when you said that?” ” How can we make it better, using our LIFESKILL of problem solving?

✓    Meaningful content that has practical application. Meaningful and relevant learning is created when the skills and standards are taught in a tangible way. We believe that using agriculture and civics with the vast array of careers, skills and opportunities it presents, will provide scholars with a deeper understanding of the interrelationships that occur in our world. Scholars will be engaged in hands-on projects that demonstrate how things work. Examples may include: incubating eggs, planting a community garden, selling produce, researching fertilizers, building a model of erosion, or a civic action project to benefit the community.

✓    Scholars having choices and adequate time to understand what they are learning. By using a project-based approach to learning, an atmosphere that requires scholars to search out and problem solve will be created. Independence in learning will occur. The daily and weekly schedules at NJB will show how adequate time will be programmed into the curriculum. Scholars will work on projects under adult supervision at school.  They may also work on projects at home.

✓    Immediate feedback to guarantee the learner is on the right track while learning the material. It is important for scholars to receive encouragement when they are pursuing the right course and to receive redirection when needed to become better focused. Teachers and staff are trained in recognizing the opportunities for providing feedback as they arise and establish a mindset that is proactive.  All feedback will be considered positive and redirection will be the term used when a scholar has taken a wrong or not useful approach.

✓    Using collaboration to successfully work with others. Many projects will require scholars to work with partners or in groups. The interaction that occurs will enable scholars to develop the skills needed to work with others. Academic discourse helps scholars understand different perspectives and helps them problem solve. Again, the use of Target Talk by both staff and scholars will help reinforce successful collaboration.

✓    Body movement that increases learning when incorporated into instructional strategies. All Staff provide activities that include body movement on a daily basis.

✓    Mastery of content with the ability to teach it to someone else. The best way to determine mastery is to teach what has been learned to another. This skill can be easily demonstrated to peers and evaluated by an adult.