School Wide Focus on Agriculture and Civics

NJB’s mission is to develop responsible, respectful, and proactive citizens to become caretakers of our community, our state, our country, and our planet. This begins with our concept for the New Joseph Bonnheim (NJB) being centered on agriculture and on the very community it serves. Our school wide focus and theme is around “Feeding the World” and “From Tiny Seed To Home.” Each grade level will have a unit of study based on our yearlong map.

Our yearlong curriculum map include the following:

  • Unit of Study/Theme
  • Enduring Understanding/Big Idea
  • Essential Questions
  • CCSS
  • ELD Standards
  • Resources Needed
  • Assessments/Outcomes
  • Technology needs
  • Being There Experiences/Study Trips
  • Culminating Project
  • Civics/Agricultural Focus
  • Social-Emotional Learning